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Work Experience

Warner Bros. Entertainment

Senior Mobile AR/VR Engineer

November 2021 – December 2023

  • Research and development team to work on new technologies for film and movie industry
  • Mentored a team of engineers to success
  • Implement core foundational structure for programmers to follow within the team (pipelines, UML, tech design documents)
  • Project management for making sure we are meeting our expectations on deliverables
  • Help make transitions for Perforce and Git easier for the team given any set project
  • Make dedicated servers to host our builds and any following code that will make automation easier
  • Jenkins auto build process
  • Azure integration with Jenkins auto build process to store data, packages, builds and asset bundles
  • Unreal project development with new filmmaking technologies including the use of USD
  • Unified Modeling Language (UML) documentation for structures of code and technical designs

Technical Skills: C#, C++, .Net Core, Azure, AWS, Unity3D, Unreal 5, JIRA, VS 2020, Git, Perforce, Github, ASP.NET, StarUML, Jenkins


Senior Software Engineer

March 2020 – November 2021 – Monopoly Go (iOS/Android)

  • Server and client integration
  • Event System implementation
  • Server / Backend development (gameplay, challenges, quests, load testing, data aggregation and analytics with datadog)
  • Frontend client side (gameplay, networking, MVVM)
  • Made the new core MVVM (Model View View-Model) system
  • Integration with MySQL, Dynamo, EC2, S3 and other AWS services
  • Core gameplay systems development (Game mechanics, game loop systems, state machine, server/client common code)
  • Client side implementation for test driven development
  • Mini games for wheels and prizes
  • Helped onboard new engineers for best practices
  • Common code infrastructure designs (UML) and development to share code between server/client

Technical Skills: C#, Unity 3D, JIRA, JSON, VS 2019, Git, Github, OpenVPN, Docker, ASP.NET


Senior Software Engineer

April 2017 – March 2020 – Scrabble Go (iOS/Android/iMessage)

  • Developed the Navigation System, Chat, Card Carousel, Challenges, Prize Wheel, Event Cards, Match History, Duels, Flyup System, etc
  • Used MVVM for the core foundation of the project
  • Helped develop core binders that was used throughout the team by programmers and tech artist
  • Develop the entire Ftue system used in the game. Also made mock board scene that was entirely driven by the Ftue system for purposes of marketing
  • Made native code implementations for debugging purposes
  • Frontend and Backend Engineer

Technical Skills: C#, Unity 3D, JIRA, JSON, VS 2017, Sourcetree, Github, OpenVPN

Mindshow (former name: Visionary VR)

Senior Engineer

May 2016 – April 2017 – Mindshow (PC/Vive)

  • Developed workflow improvements for the product reveal
  • Developed technical play for the product reveal
  • Helped with new hires and the hiring process of new engineers
  • Advised CTO on procedures and best practices for Unity
  • Found and fixed crucial bugs for the product and product reveal
  • Developed core features to support multiple teams
  • Worked on serialization of the product with Google Flatbuffers
  • Helped develop the video export tool so that the user can produce videos
  • Developed the FTUE (first time user experience) with the team in a cohesive environment to scale
  • Implemented Calibration for the user to set his data to be used throughout the entire product
  • Integrated 3rd party tools for increasing team productivity
  • Developed editor tools to be used by team members for productivity
  • Developed the custom font system to support multi-line and creating the letter meshes
  • Worked on the timeline system to sync the audio system that would work with the rest of the animations
  • Developed the video playback that was used for the product reveal
  • Developed states for the state machine that would allow the user to swap to calibration at any given moment in the product
  • Implemented a message dialogue that was used for the product reveal
  • Implemented voice filters that would filter the users voice for record for the product
  • Developed the editor preview asset to properly scale and fit the assets in such a way to display on the hand menu
  • Implemented Saving and Loading using Google Flatbuffers
  • Implemented Hand Dominance that was used in the product reveal
  • Implemented a limit meter for assets in the hand menu

Technical Skills: C#, Unity 3D, JIRA, JSON, Google Flatbuffers, VS 2015, Plastic SCM, Github, Steamworks SDK, Vive, Oculus Rift, TDD (test driven development)

Muti Labs

Software Engineer

Apr 2015 – Apr 2016 – Days of Discord (iOS)

  • Implemented multiplayer for the game
  • Implemented leader boards for the game using playfab
  • Helped with new hires and the hiring process of new engineers
  • Implemented the quest system
  • Implemented the reward system
  • Implemented the taunt system
  • Helped organize codebase with structuring of documentation and debugging tools available
  • Implemented the news feed
  • Implemented private matching
  • Implemented data management system
  • Took lead in a lot of the given tasks that others did not want to take
  • Implemented the ranking system
  • Implemented the SUL (single user login)
  • Implemented data driven FTUE (first time user experience) system
  • Implemented data driven solo mission system (sectional map areas)
  • Implemented the debug system
  • Developed all editor windows that was used to increase productivity
  • Implemented carousel scrolling system for the decks

Technical Skills: C#, Unity 3D, JIRA, MonoDevelop, Xamarin, Github, Xcode

Bearded Man Studios

Co-Founder  – Software Engineer

Apr 2014 – Apr 2015 – WordLab (iOS/Android/WP8), Forge Networking

  • Worked on Forge Networking for Unity that was the most dominating networking solution in the Asset Store
  • Working on multiple projects at a time with different roles (Backend, Frontend, CS)
  • Developed code documentation for all our platforms and code (old and new)’
  • Maintained user support for such a large userbase
  • Scheduled meetings with potential investors
  • Specialized in Artificial Intelligence, UI Elements (NGUI/Unity 4.6 UI), Event driven system, Gameplay, Editor tools

Technical Skills: C#, Unity 3D, JSON, Photoshop, JIRA, VS 2012, VS 2015, Github, FileZilla, PhpStorm, VMware, HeidiSQL, Spine, Xcode

Cloudesign Inc

Contract – Senior Unity Engineer

Jul 2014 – Apr 2015

  • Developed networking solutions to connect with servers with a JSON response, and post.
  • Worked on mechanical connections of objects, Github project setup, UI, Gameplay, Leadership
  • All projects were government related so they cannot be listed here

Technical Skills: C#, Unity 3D, VS 2015, Github, Xcode

NHN Entertainment Labs (Now known as Monarc Gaming Labs)

Unity Engineer

Jan 2014 – June 2014 – Golden Sand Slots (iOS/Android)

  • Implemented paylines
  • Implemented slot logic
  • Developed networking hooks
  • Implemented animation hooks
  • Implemented bonus systems
  • Most notable works was the Slot Logic and Bonus Systems, as they were the most seen in the game by the users
  • Helped develop the foundation for all code to be structured and designed
  • Took the lead for helping team structure for solving bugs and tasks

Technical Skills: C#, Unity 3D, MonoDevelop, Github, Xcode, Agile, TDD (test driven development)

Genbu Studios

Software Engineer

Mar 2013 – Nov 2013

  • Self-Funded Startup
  • Helped manage workflow for other team members and develop game ideas and products for the company
  • Oversaw communication overseas with outsourced workers

Technical Skills: C#, Unity 3D, MonoDevelop, Github, Eclipse, MySQL

WayForward Technologies

Unity Engineer

Feb 2012 – Mar 2013 – Bubba Golf (iOS/Android), Build-A-Bear: Bear Valley (iOS/Android)

  • Focused on game mechanics, UI systems and Augmented Reality as well as many other features
  • Took on the lead role for Bubba Golf
  • Organized codebase and maintained good code structure to be used for all projects moving forward
  • Assisted new hires on project standards and help them get up to date
  • Help front line the communication between team members so that there was always a way to access one another.

Technical Skills: C#, Unity 3D, MonoDevelop, Versions, Eclipse

Couch Potato Football

Contract – Software Engineer

Sept 2011 – Apr 2012

  • Worked on game mechanics, multiplayer, UI and leaderboards
  • This included working on the MySQL and HTML part of the website
  • Was my first gig as a game programmer that was paid as well as my first contract job

Technical Skills: C#, Unity 3D, MonoDevelop


C#, C/C++, C, Java, Objective-C, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Lua, SQL, XML, JSON, Go


Unity 3D, Unreal, OpenGL, DirectX 9, Direct X 10, XNA, Vulkan


Microsoft Visual Studio, Xcode, Eclipse, MonoDevelop, Xamarin, Jetbrain Tools/Products (Rider/CLion/Etc)

Additional Software Applications

Blender, Affinity Photo, Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max, Adobe photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, Perforce, Git, JIRA, SVN, Eclipse, Steamworks, Github, VMWare, Spine, HeidiSQL, FileZilla, Sublime Text, FL Studio


The Art Institute of California – Orange County

3601 W Sunflower Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92704-7931

Completed – Sept 2011

Bachelor of Science, Visual Game Programming

Dean’s Honor Roll